Grow Sales

Vision Plus Optician Software empowers your practice to grow its monthly sales by:

  • Reducing the number of no show-ups by auto-scheduling the pre-appointment SMS reminders.
  • Increasing capacity of consult room by automating consultation process thereby reducing the length of the eye exam.
  • Allowing dispensing optician to upsell thereby increasing average dispense amount.
Improve Profitability

Vision Plus Optician Software empowers practice owners to improve profitability by:

  • Reducing costs by an automating range of processes in the entire patient journey, from marketing, through appointment, exam, dispense, order, collection and recall.
  • Reducing communication, marketing & administrative overhead costs involved Allowing the practices to go completely paperless.
  • Allowing opticians to focus on serving patients rather than on general administration. Eliminating human errors.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
Simple & Intuitive

  • Vision Plus optician software has been designed to be easily usable by the receptionist to the optometrist.
  • The configurable workflow facilitates the user navigation through software screens to achieve the desired tasks with little or no training.
  • Our easy to use and understand screens and forms make Vision Plus optician software quick and simple to learn.
Use on the Go

  • Vision Plus has been designed using cutting edge technology. It resides on the cloud server and is accessible over the internet 24×7. Vision Plus can be accessed seamlessly & securely over the Mac, Windows PCs & Tablets, iPad, iPhone or any device which has the internet through 3G or Wi-Fi.
  • It can be setup & programmed with proper role-rights permissions using secure passwords. For group chains operating across multiple locations, Vision Plus provides the global view as well view at an individual practice level.
  • Its use on the go flexibility allows practices to be completely paperless. We also offer it as a locally installed application.
Quick Go Live

  • Vision Plus optician software works over the cloud and can be setup within 12 hours with little training. The software itself is highly configurable and ready to mould in your business processes. Our large operations department schedules the training and installation as per your preferences.
  • It is equally suitable for a single independent practice or a group looking for a reliable streamlined optician software, as a first-time installation or trying to replace existing one.
Unlimited Support & Lifetime Upgrades

  • Vision plus has a state-of-the-art, courteous customer support department ready to support 24×7. You can track your issue resolution status in real time online.
  • We stay in touch with trends and develop our software as per market demands. Get lifetime free software upgrades to existing customers as part of our support contract.
Highly Secure

  • Vision Plus optician software is hosted on two servers based in the UK. One server mirrors the other, making your data completely safe.
  • SSL is also provided as additional security. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.
  • This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
Affordable Pricing

  • In comparison with all the competitive optician software’s available in the UK, Vision Plus offers the best subscription packages.
  • Our packages are based on the number of practices and pricing starts at £47 per month. There is initial setup price £497. There are no other hidden charges.
  • We have special packages for startups. Know more about pricing.
Integrated Marketing Tools

  • VisionPlus’s powerful marketing tools allow you to target small sections of your customer base with promotions designed specifically for them. Query your database by age, eye condition, hobbies, last sale value, etc to improve marketing returns.
  • Vision Plus offers high-quality animation optical animations which explain eye conditions and how certain frames, lenses and lens technologies affect the appearance & functionality of spectacles.
  • Perfect for the consulting room, waiting room and the dispensing area, these animation demos assists the optician in improving average dispense amounts.
  • Vision Plus also offers a range of Digital Marketing Services to help practices promote their optical business in the neighbourhood.
Integrated NHS Support

  • The Vision Plus optician software provides features to print interactive NHS GOS form which includes GOS 1, GOS 2, GOS 3, GOS 4, GOS 5 and GOS 6. It is integrated to accept NHS voucher payments with subsequent submission to NHS and reconciliation.
  • One can see how many vouchers are still to be submitted or have been submitted but not yet paid – thus, managing the process becomes much easier. This module also includes part paid, rejected, cancelled and re-submitted vouchers.
Highly Configurable

Vision Plus optician software is highly customizable serving according to the practice needs. We have allocated admin feature (usually given to the owner or practice manager) wherein specific modules can be allocated to the respective employee. To add additional security, the admin can set login time for the employees only during their work hours. Admin can manage multi-chain practice simultaneously just over a click of a button. Also, admin can switch on or off specific module as per their needs.

Empowers Decision Making

The comprehensive reports and analytics features of the Vision Plus optician software provide the end user with a bird’s eye view of the overall functioning of the practice or multi-chain practice. Reports involve looking at how much sales have taken place, understanding your customer profile, accounts, stock, also gives end-user the ability to understand which marketing channel is working better. Also, one of the added features includes employee performance. The module is displayed in a graphical and numerical format making it easy to understand and empowering decision-making process based on operational data.

Customer Facing Mobile App

The Vision Plus optician software’s mobile app can be used as a great marketing tool to connect and engage with your end-customer. The app is a white labelled product which can be rebranded under the name of practice. The app is available on Android platform. The features of the app include promoting offers, booking appointment and prescription history.