Optician Practice Management Software

5 reason to use Vision Plus if you are starting up your practice

We understand starting up a new practice is a next step to be your own boss. This means you have to manage your employees, accounts, stock, customers and sustainability. Taking in responsibility is different ball game and do you have what it takes to be successful?

Before starting up your ophthalmic venture ask yourself three questions to get your business rolling smooth.

  1. Do you have the right people in place?
  2. Do you have a process in place?
  3. Do you know what it takes to promote your product or service in your locality?

Now find out why you need our VisionPlus PMS if you are starting up your own practice:

  1. We assure you that with our practice management software you can go completely paperless. Which mean saying good-byes to paper for old time sake.
  2. Handle your business even when you are holidaying in any part of the world. We have many of our clients who are handling their day to daily operation either holidaying or working from home.
  3. No requirement of buying additional expensive hardware to be set up at your store to handle your data. Our software works over the cloud and your data is safe with us and we do your data backup in regular interval of time.  This means you avoid additional maintenance cost.
  4. We have the most user-friendly software available in the market and our clients love it. Training your staff has never been so simple. Don’t believe it? Just see it for yourself by asking for a demo.
  5. Alright, we understand that since you are starting up, you have more overheads and lot of people to pay for. So instead of paying £497 for the setup just pay 25% of it which is £124. Also, get 25% discount on monthly subscription. This offer will be valid for 12 months.