Learn why Vision Plus software is crucial to your business

Today the world business community is shifting towards technology for improvising their business processes. The current businesses to cope up with the competitors one needs to have three things in Mind: People, Process and Product.

That is where Vision Plus PMS comes in the picture to streamline your optics business process with keeping in sync with your people and product.

Today a lot of Opticians struggle to implement process oriented structure majorly because:

  1. A traditional mindset convinces the opticians that by using the means of paper helps them run better and cheaper practice (which is not true).
  2. A lot of them are not tech savvy or feel it’s complicated to use (create an impression without using).
  3. Using Technology but not the right one to fit for the business.
  4. Thinks that implementing a technology driven process would be expensive.

How people fail with having no “Business Process” in place?

For any business to be successful or have a sense of direction it needs to have a process and control of the business. To define process in simple term, let’s take an example of an Optician Practice based in the UK:

Let’s take an example scenario about Adam who runs his Optics practice in West London in a high street area and he is struggling with keeping track of his customers, sales of products, staffing, costs, inventory, losses (if he could figure out), thefts and you can expect what not. He has practice manager Alex to take care of the day to day operations, and he looks after the staffing and operation. Adam has accounting software to do with the accounts; stocks are managed over a file which is usually done over a piece of paper, and Patient reports are managed over a file.

Ideally, in this scenario you can expect:

  1. He is making losses.
  2. He has no track of what’s happening inside his business.
  3. He doesn’t know what product sells well and what doesn’t.
  4. Have no clue about the stocks and surely there are thefts taking place.
  5. He maintains a file about his patient but has no clue how to market or cross-sell his products to the existing customers

Truly Adam’s optics business is not viable for a long time for the reason he doesn’t have a process or any control. He even has piled up patient reports but has no efficient system to follow up with them and thus that reduces reoccurring patients.

How can Vision Plus turn around Adam’s business?

First of all, we would like to say Adam is a fictitious character. And we have encountered a lot of individual like Adam where Vision Plus PMS has been a great help to turn around the way they work.

Vision Plus PMS is primarily created for Opticians practice to go completely paperless and have a strong process to handle multiple tasks.

Vision Plus can be used for:

1. Handling multiple departments in your practice from different devices. Starting from reception, examination, dispensing, stock, lab, marketing to head-office.

2. The optometrist can now handle their diary and book appointments for their patient using tablet or laptop. Most importantly it is integrated to remind patient’s appointment using automated SMS, email or letter recall with the diary tool.

3. An Optometrist can now focus on his task – Examining Patients, wherein he can go completely paperless and yes we have added a clinical module to capture:

  1. Patient History & symptoms
  2. External Exam
  3. Internal Exam
  4. Other types of Tests
  5. Refraction
  6. Final Examination

4. The dispensing optician’s job has made much simpler in a process. Everything is made very simple – just click and add prescription details. If he/she needs to send instructions like “send to a lab”, “on-hold” and remake or want to add a custom instruction – everything is synced together. Opticians can use different types of NHS Voucher which can tally to the final bill. You can now keep track of deposit amount taken, instalments, cash payments, petty cash, standing order or even direct debit.

5. The Recall Engine feature is very silent in the software where it does the core difficult task which takes care with a click of a button. You don’t need to keep track of follow-ups before the appointment dates. It works over pre-scheduled SMS or email reminders on days before the appointment date.

6. Marketing tool in the Vision Plus PMS software is built to extract patients meta-data based on their hobbies, eye related issues, purchase habits, postcodes, age, spendings and gender to give you information about your patients. It gives you a platform to cross-sell your service or product and promote it via email or SMS to reach your customers.

7. Concerned about stock management? With Vision Plus PMS software you don’t have to! Stock feature is integrated to barcode your frames or lenses to keep a complete track of your units. You can now find out the person who audited the stock and managed complete control of the stock. Once a product is sold, the inventory gets automatically tallied showing the checks and balance.

8. Along with it, you will get a report about your sales, staff performance, best-selling frames or lens, costs, barcode tagging, patients report, and complete stock audit report. In this way you get access to daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. This will increase your business knowledge and improve decision-making skills.

You won’t experience the difference until you try it for yourself!

Go for a 15 days Free Trial of Vision Plus PMS software to experience its uses and benefits.